I work as a scientist at the Austrian institute of Technology (AIT) in Vienna, Austria. I am part of the research group dynamic transportation systems (DTS) in the mobility department. As a mathematician and statistician working in the transport community, my research focuses on two main areas. First, the development and calibration of traffic simulation models, at this point mainly pedestrian simulation models as well as shared space simulation models. Second, the statistical analysis of mobility data. Here my main focus lies in behavioral analysis of mobility decisions via discrete choice modelling, but I am also working on in general traffic modelling, demand modelling, travel times and similar questions. Due to my personal preferences for cycling I am especially interested in studying cycling in urban areas, which includes topics like bike sharing and bike route choice.  
In the autumn of 2012 and again in 2013 I spent time as a visiting researcher with Marta Gonzalez at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at MIT. There my research focused on the extraction of mobility behavior from mobile phone data.
Contact me at christian.rudloff (at) ait.ac.at

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